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Major Crimes Fanmixes

Jailhouse Rock

The Closer / Major Crimes Fanmixes
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Music fix for ALL the Major Crimes.
Have you ever watched an episode of The Closer and thought about different songs that reminded you about that episode? Have you looked at a character from Major Crimes and thought of different music that reminded you of them? Does a pairing of characters make your heart go pitter patter, and make your head work overtime thinking of different songs that represent them? Well then, you're in the right place. This community is dedicated to The Closer and it's sister program Major Crimes, and the music it inspires within our heads.

The Rules

Every group has rules, this one is of no exception.

1) Treat each other with respect and no flaming. If it occurs just once, you will be kicked and banned from the group.
2) No Spam. No promoting other groups without permission to do so.
3) One Mix per post. (Each mix must include at least 6 songs. More is fine.)
4) You may post one teaser image (not an issue if you're cross posting from 8Tracks) no larger than 500x500 pixels or two teaser images with a maximum size of 250x250 pixels each.
5) Do not upload M4Ps. This is iTunes' DRM-protected format and nobody can listen to these files except YOU. M4As, on the other hand, are a smaller file size for the same high quality. These are welcomed. MP3s are preferred, however.
6) A summery about why you chose each song would be appreciated, or a little write up about what inspired you. People want to know why you chose what you chose.
7) I will add the tags accordingly. Don't you worry your pretty little heads about them. Want to keep things clean and simple for people to find what they need.

The Script (what your post should look like)

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Character/Pairing - Mix Title

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