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15 August 2012 @ 08:44 pm
There aren't many around here, but since the preview of the show this past week, MANY have fallen in love with Major Crimes. The writing and acting are absolutely amazing, I'd even say it might be better than The Closer.

SO, because of this, let's do some cross promoting. I don't have many members (wait...do I have any? Not really), but the ones I do have, I want you all to go and join majorcrimes. There's smart stuff there, episode things, pictures, pretty things in general. SO GO JOIN. If you forget this post for one reason or another, over to the side is a link


Posting information is on the Profile page and it's easy to get started. Ever hear a song that made you say to yourself, "This song really reminds me of Provenza...and that song reminds me of Flynn...well, I know a bunch more and I wish I could have them all together." THIS IS THE PLACE TO DO THAT. Friendship, Relationship, Single Character. THE PLAYING FIELD IS OPEN.

Let your freak flag fly, kids.
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